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Teachers Show What Democracy Looks Like at Connecticut Women’s March

East Hampton teacher Kristen Keska brought the Love Makes Great banner she carried in D.C. at last year’s Women’s March to Hartford this year.

People from around Connecticut gathered Saturday in Hartford for the 2nd annual Connecticut Women’s March—and among the attendees were many teachers.

“As a teacher of government, my favorite chant at these marches is, ‘Show us what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like!'” said East Hampton teacher Kristen Keska, who traveled to D.C. last year for the Women’s March there.

Keska says that her students have a wide variety of views on the political issues of today, and she supports them in advocating for whatever causes they’re passionate about. “They believe in democracy and understand that peaceful protest is an essential part of good citizenship,” she says.

Bloomfield teacher Mary Kay Rendock volunteered at Saturday’s march.

East Hartford Education Association Vice President Jill McNulty also marched in Hartford, Saturday. “As a public school teacher it’s important to advocate for our students. Last year I marched in D.C. with my daughter, who was a senior in high school, and it was an amazing experience. There was such positive and strong energy, and the diversity was inspiring.”

East Hartford special education teacher Becca Thomson went to the 2017 march in Hartford and said the experience helped her feel re-energized and hopeful, so she felt it was important to attend again this year.

“All of our kids deserve a well-funded education,” Thomson says. “I worry about attacks on special education at the federal level and want to make sure my students have the resources they need.”

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