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Holiday Bear Project Teaches Spirit of Giving

Social studies teacher Lil Diachenko and her Avon seventh-graders loaded up a U-Haul today with gift donations for the Holiday Bear Project.

When Holiday Bear season comes to Avon “there’s real excitement in the air,” says social studies teacher Lil Diachenko.

Diachenko and her seventh-graders today filled up a whole U-Haul truck with gift donations from across the Avon Public Schools. Homeroom teachers, student clubs, educators, and families work together every year to purchase, compile and wrap presents for students around Connecticut who otherwise might not receive any gifts this season.

Students carry out gifts donated by the Avon Public School community.

“It’s a great way to get the students involved in giving,” says Diachenko, who has helped centralize the pickup location for Avon’s Holiday Bear giving in recent years.

Diachenko says it makes an impact on her students when they see the many donations packed up and ready to be distributed. “They remark, ‘These are for kids we don’t even know!'”

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