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Marlborough Teachers Build Community While Raising Money for Scholarship

Marlborough teachers serve pasta to families at the Marlborough Education Association’s 2nd annual pasta dinner.

Every year the Marlborough Education Association (MEA) awards a college scholarship to a high school senior, and the teachers have hit upon a great way to raise scholarship funds: pasta. The MEA held its second annual pasta dinner Friday night at Marlborough Elementary School, and it was a big success.

“It’s a wonderful way to build community,” says MEA Co-President and kindergarten teacher Amy Farrior.

Co-President and second-grade teacher Pam Farrington agrees, “It’s a great way to bring families together.”

MEA Co-President Amy Farrior announces raffle prize winners.

“There’s such a sense of community with everyone in one big room, eating together,” says second grade teacher David Wasserman. “It’s also a great way to increase teachers’ visibility, to have the community see us engaged in a positive project like this.”

The teachers sold well over 400 tickets to families who came in to eat together, and this year added a take-out option for families who wanted to participate but weren’t able to make the dinner.

Farrior says that it was a lot of work planning the dinner “but seeing everyone here tonight enjoying the event makes it all worthwhile.”

The college sholarship will be awarded this spring to a senior at the Regional Hebron, Andover, Marlborough (RHAM) High School who attended Marlborough Elementary School.


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