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New CEA Ad Campaign Puts Students, Teachers, and Public Schools in the Spotlight

Our public schools are filled with teachers who recognize each student’s true potential and provide the encouragement, inspiration, and support to help every student achieve, because every student matters and every teacher matters.

That is the core message of a new public awareness advertising campaign sponsored by the Connecticut Education Association and the National Education Association.

The TV, radio, and online ads underscore the vital role of teachers in our public schools. The ads remind the public that teachers are critical to the success of every child—and to our state’s success as well.

“During these uncertain times facing our public schools and with devastating cuts to education budgets across the state, the ads are a reminder of the need to support Connecticut’s public schools and the passionate teachers who help our students achieve,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “Supporting our public schools and dedicated teachers is an investment in our children’s future, and in our own future as a state.”

The ads showcase the importance of every student and every teacher and emphasize that, “Our students can’t succeed without dedicated teachers—caring, smart, passionate teachers.”

Connecticut teachers are featured throughout the ads, including Maryann Caron of East Haddam, Ethan Spinelli of Region 8 in Hebron, Evan Krawiec of Wallingford, Shay Lewis of CREC in Bloomfield, Leslie Pickman of Suffield, Danny Martins of Hamden, and Michelle McKnight, Katrina Torres, and Amy Angelo of Manchester.

The teachers in the ads and the thousands of dedicated, committed teachers across the state recognize their students’ needs and help them succeed and reach new heights every day.

“Teaching is about making personal connections and engaging students in learning and helping them achieve,” said Pickman, a second grade teacher at Spaulding Elementary School in Suffield.

“Teachers are constantly thinking about ways to help our students learn. I like to give my students a chance to try new things and figure out who they are and help them grow,” said Krawiec, a social studies teacher at Sheehan High School in Wallingford.

“I look at struggling students and also those who need to be challenged and find different ways to solve problems and empower them,” said McKnight, a math interventionist at Washington Elementary School in Manchester.

The TV ad ends with the final message, “Well-resourced public schools and dedicated teachers unlock our children’s potential, and that spells success for all of us. Every student matters. Every teacher matters.”

The month-long campaign will air on Connecticut’s major television networks, cable channels, radio stations, and online news sites beginning on October 8.

Listen to the radio ad.

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