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Professional Development Just Got Better

CEA is proud to announce we are a State Department of Education designated provider of professional development.

As part of a recent push to provide teachers with meaningful professional learning rather than strictly compliance-based training, CEA has developed a catalog of Professional Learning Academy workshops that can be incorporated into your school or district’s formal PD days or offered separately. These will be offered at little or no cost.

For more information or to schedule a professional development workshop, contact CEA’s Professional Learning Academy at 860-525-5641 or

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  1. Steven W Archibald #

    Thanks! This is a great way for teachers to take or keep control over our own PD. It also helps students by making their teachers better and it also helps them by saving districts valuable resources that can be used in other areas where money is badly needed: supplies, equipment, transportation, etc. Great job CEA!

    September 21, 2017

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