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It’s Time to Set Your SLO: Here’s What You Need to Know

CEA is offering an interactive workshop on teacher evaluation free to members this September and October. This ninety-minute workshop is being offered in locations around the state to allow as many members as possible to benefit from this valuable information and have their questions answered.

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When it comes to teacher evaluation, choosing the appropriate student learning objective (SLO) is likely one of the most important decisions teachers make over the course of a school year. Not only are SLOs weighted more than any other single part of a teacher’s summative rating, they also have a profound impact on the learning opportunities students will experience and the expectations they will face.

If a goal is inappropriate for a population of students, if the expectations are too rigorous or too easy, or the goal is not relevant to the subject matter, a teacher’s evaluation and a child’s learning may be adversely affected.

Setting high-quality goals and selecting appropriate, valid, reliable indicators of student growth are not easy tasks.

Unfortunately, many districts violate state guidelines by dictating SLOs without reaching mutual agreement.

Learn what your rights are and how you can advocate for yourself.

This interactive workshop offered by CEA Teacher Development Specialist Kate Field provides dispute resolution strategies if mutual agreement is not reached, methods to control for factors that impact student performance (like absenteeism), possible standardized and non-standardized indicators, and high-quality, sample SLOs gathered from school districts around the state. Included will be tips and sample SLOs for support specialists and others who are not in direct instructional roles.

New dates will be added soon for Ledyard and Stafford.

Register for one of the workshop dates below.

September 18 4:00 PM Fairfield Ludlowe High School
September 19 4:00 PM Farmington High School
September 25 4:00 PM Hamden High School
September 26 4:00 PM Old Saybrook High School
September 27 4:00 PM Broadview Middle School, Danbury
September 28 4:00 PM Aquaculture High School, Bridgeport
October 2 4:00 PM Sage Middle School, Windsor
October 3 4:00 PM Kennedy High School, Waterbury
October 10 4:00 PM Saxe Middle School, New Canaan
October 11 4:00 PM Torrington Middle School
October 12 4:30 PM Killingly High School
October 17 4:00 PM Housatonic Valley Regional
October 18 3:45 PM Griswold Middle School


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