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Tell Legislators: No Cost Shift

Legislators did not vote on a budget plan last night, but they released their proposed plan and are expected to vote on it today.

The new budget plan lessens school funding cuts proposed by the governor’s executive order, but still imposes a cost shift onto cities and towns that will impact school budgets, property taxes, and teacher retirement.

Based on this new budget plan, we are asking all members to contact their legislators again today with one specific message: No cost shift. 


Tell legislators:

Do NOT shift state responsibility for teacher retirement to the towns, which will result in increases in property taxes, cuts to school budgets, or both.

Our advocacy and outreach have made a big difference. You have all done a great job sharing our messages with your legislators and fighting back against plans that would hurt students and teachers. Legislators have received thousands of emails from you, and for that we thank you. But it’s not over yet.

Please contact your legislators today. This budget plan will impact all of us. It is too important to ignore.


Click here to read the entire budget plan


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