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Contact Your Legislators Now

Connecticut legislators will likely vote on a state budget Thursday or Friday. School budgets across the state are at risk.

Click here and take action immediately.

Watch CEA President Sheila Cohen explain why it’s so important to contact legislators today.

Tell legislators:

  1. Do not cut ECS dollars that are critical to our schools and students.
  2. Do not shift state responsibility for teacher retirement to the towns, which will result in increases in property taxes, cuts to school budgets, or both.
  3. Do not increase teacher contributions to the retirement system.
  4. Do not undermine collective bargaining rights.

Ask legislators to pass a state budget that:

  1. Protects local school budgets.
  2. Maintains critical services for families and communities.
  3. Provides for a reliable revenue stream to support critical services.

Contact your legislators today.

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