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Marlborough Teachers Welcome Families Back-to-School

Students at Marlborough Elementary School start school today but many had a chance to preview the year ahead at a meet-and-greet yesterday morning. Teachers opened their classrooms to students and families to relieve any first-day jitters and answer questions about the year ahead.

Local association co-president and kindergarten teacher Amy Farrior says that the first year of elementary school is an amazing time, and she greatly enjoys watching how kids grow from the beginning to the end of the year.

Art teacher Denise Ketterer says she has a big project planned for her students—a mural that will go up outside on the back of the school.

“We have a very supportive community,” she says. “The students have opportunities to participate in art shows at the town hall, the local arts center, and here at the school.”

Jennifer Wall greets Romina, one of her new second-graders. Wall, herself a Marlborough Elementary School grad, taught kindergarten a few years ago and is looking forward to having several of the students she taught previously in her class again this year.

Next door, fellow second-grade teacher David Wasserman is looking forward to having fewer students this year than he did in his class last year. “That will allow me to do more kinesthetic movement activities with my students,” he said.

Third-grade teacher Lynda Quigley (at left) is looking forward to mentoring her student teacher Gracelyn Swahn, a student at Eastern Connecticut State University.

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