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Parents Criticize Governor’s Education Proposals in New CEA TV Ad

A new CEA TV ad begins airing on Connecticut television stations today.

Parents from across the state are outraged over plans by the governor and some legislators to balance the state budget on the backs of their children and teachers. They are deeply concerned about the short- and long-term consequences of education proposals that will raise property taxes in their cities and towns and cut precious school funding.

“The state should not balance the budget on the backs of students, teachers, and communities,” said CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg. “Proposals currently being considered to shift the cost of teacher retirement to cities and towns and increase contributions would mean less money for schools and higher taxes for our already strapped property taxpayers.”

In a new CEA television ad, parents and students criticize legislators who are ignoring their needs and putting politics ahead of public schools.

“Connecticut lawmakers cannot continue attacking teachers, disregarding the needs of our students, and ignoring the resources required for our public schools,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “The future of our children is at stake. Politicians need to understand the important role of teachers in our society. Teachers are dedicated professionals and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

The ad reminds politicians that it is our children who will bear the brunt of the education proposals currently being considered.

A young boy ends the ad by pressing Connecticut politicians: “I keep my promises. The governor and legislators should keep theirs.”

The ad begins running on Connecticut television stations today.

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