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Statement from CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg on the Governor’s Proposed Education Budget

The governor’s proposed education budget threatens the quality of all our local public schools by dividing schools, parents, and communities into clear winners and losers. That’s unfair to all of us, but especially our children. All of our children deserve to be winners and have the resources to achieve.

The state currently underfunds public education by more than $700 million per year. The state needs to focus on a sustainable revenue stream that allows Connecticut to fulfill its constitutional obligation to fully fund public education to provide all children with the funding and resources they need to achieve.

Educators strive every day to do more with less. They make their classrooms places that welcome all students. They help students reach their full potential and contribute to our society and economy. We expect legislators and policymakers to understand this vision and invest in public education so that all students can succeed.

We urge legislators in the strongest way to protect students and to invest in local public schools in every single community.

CEA looks forward to working with all legislators who are willing to renew their commitment to public education and fulfill the promise of an American democracy and education system that stand up for all students.

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