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Guaranteed Savings on Your Next Car

img_nea-autoWhen retired teacher Delphina Pinto went car-shopping in July 2015, she knew exactly what make and model she wanted.

What she didn’t know was what local dealerships were charging and what she should pay.

“I checked out the NEA Auto Buying Program,” Pinto said, “and I found their TRUECar price curve. It shows you what others are paying for the car you want in your local area, so you know you’re getting a good deal.”

Delphina Pinto, a CEA-Retired member, saved $3,000 on the car she wanted. As a CEA member, you can too.

Before visiting her dealership, Pinto got upfront dealer pricing information and locked in a guaranteed savings of almost $2,000 through NEA’s Auto Buying Program.

“I brought that information with me when I went to the dealership, and they actually reduced the price even further,” she said. Her final payment, including taxes and fees, was $3,000 less than the sticker price.

“I would tell other CEA active and retired members to check it out,” Pinto says. “You have nothing to lose. Bring your NEA Auto Buying quote to your dealership and ask if they can meet it or do even better.”

  • Enjoy a Stress-Free Car Search. The NEA Auto Buying Program gives CEA members access to a trusted network of over 12,000 Certified Dealers. Members connect with a personal contact at the dealership of their choice and get out in half the time.
  • Additional Discounts on Used Cars. CEA members can also save hundreds off the list price of a used car and receive free Carfax reports, exclusively for members.
  • Buyers’ Bonus. Members also get additional free repair and deductible coverage through the NEA Auto Buying Program.

Click here to see what you can save.

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