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Teachers Tell Colleagues: Education is Political, Get Out and Vote

Teachers from around Connecticut are urging their colleagues to get out and vote this November 8. For better or worse, many decisions affecting public education are made by elected officials.

As New Canaan teacher Kristine Goldhawk says, “What you teach in the classroom is affected by all of our representatives at the federal level, the state level, and at the local level. They will impact what you are teaching, how you are able to teach, how many tests you have to give.”

For information on CEA endorsed candidates, click here.

  1. I know that there are a lot of teachers who don’t like to be “political” and just want to teach. To those teachers, I would say it is more important than ever to get out and have your voices be heard! Please go out there and vote on every level local as well as national. Voting for the candidates proven to care for public education is the only way to ensure you will get to do what you love, teach. If you need candidate information take a look at the latest issue of the CEA Advisor if you already recycled it no worries it’s online. No excuses get out and VOTE!!

    October 27, 2016

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