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A Luncheon Fit for a King—Prepared for Teachers

Language arts teachers Jessica Fisher and Naomi Senez enjoy a special Teacher Appreciation luncheon at East Windsor Middle School today.

Language arts teachers Jessica Fisher and Naomi Senez enjoyed a special teacher appreciation luncheon at East Windsor Middle School today.

Teachers often eat on the run.  They multi-task, juggling paperwork and email responses while they grab a bite for lunch.

But today that was not the case at East Windsor Middle School.

The teachers were treated to a sumptuous salad bar buffet—replete with mouth-watering desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The luncheon was the PTO’s way of saying showing their appreciation for all the teachers do.

“Teachers work so hard throughout the year to provide so much for students, both during and after school. They certainly deserve a thank you,” said East Windsor Middle School PTO member Kate Carey-Trull.


PTO members Lisa McFarlane, Kendra Ritchie, and Crystal Arzt were some of the many parents who helped plan, cook, setup, and clean to show their appreciation for the teachers.

The teachers certainly felt appreciated. “This is a blast.” “I love it.” “This is amazing, thank you,” were some of their reactions.

Fifth grade teacher Colleen Marren described the luncheon as “wonderful and very thoughtful. It does truly let you know you’re appreciated,” she said.

“Putting on a lunch like this requires a lot of time and preparation,” said social studies teacher Jennifer Knisley.

East Windsor PTO Vice President Lisa McFarlane said that the luncheon is an annual Teacher Appreciation Week event in East Windsor. “It’s a way to give back to teachers who themselves focus on giving all year long,” she said.

The PTO held a similar lunch at East Windsor’s Broad Brook Elementary School yesterday. The salad theme was a hit with teachers last year and the PTO decided to replicate it for this year’s luncheons. In addition to the luncheons, the PTO also raffled off hanging plants, tote bags, and insulated lunch bags during Teacher Appreciation week.

Teachers Tracy Faber, Colleen Marren, Cathy Mosure, and Jennifer Knisley.

Educators Tracy Faber, Colleen Marren, Cathy Mosher, and Jennifer Knisley enjoyed their lunch.

The school’s PTO does a great deal throughout the year to support teachers from helping with field trips to providing meals on parent-teacher conference days.

PTO Corresponding Secretary Debbie Williams said that Teacher Appreciation Week offers a “good opportunity to be able to give back to teachers.”

Seventh grade teacher Caitlin Doonan said, “It’s nice to be recognized for our hard work throughout the year with the children. And it’s nice to get to see some of the parents.”

“Teachers in East Windsor are great. They really have students’ best interests at heart,” McFarlane said. “Teaching is a hard job.”

“It’s really great that the PTO does this,” said seventh grade teacher Peter Richard. “We don’t get too many opportunities to enjoy a nice lunch like this here. It’s good to be able to sit down together with other staff members and have some adult conversations. Some of us tend to eat in our classrooms so this event is an important opportunity for that adult interaction we often miss.”

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