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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you for being a teacher!-1Parents and students are grateful for the hard work of educators each and every day, but the first week in May gives them an important opportunity to make sure teachers know just how much they are appreciated.

The National PTA has designated the first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week since 1984, and NEA has long celebrated National Teacher Day on the Tuesday of the first full week of May.

Different schools have different ways of celebrating. Many PTAs and PTOs plan lunches or special snacks for teachers, and students often bring in notes or drawings thanking their teachers.

Laura Bay, president of the National PTA, said, “As a parent, I know firsthand the profound impact that teachers have on the lives and futures of students. It is important that we honor and thank them for the countless hours they spend and steadfast efforts they make to ensure every child reaches his or her full potential—in school and beyond.”

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, anyone can start a GoFundMe “Thank A Teacher” fundraising campaign and garner donations from communities across the nation to help provide critical classroom supplies and materials. GoFundMe will make matching donations of $100 each to campaigns that benefit teachers and students. To be eligible for the matched donation:

  • GoFundMe campaign must be created by May 8 and include #ThankATeacher in the description
  • $100 in total donations must be raised
  • At least five individual donors must contribute to the campaign by May 13
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