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10 Free Math and Science Teaching Resources

IMG_5483Curricula, activities, websites, lessons, videos, and more FREE math and science resources for the classroom.

  1. Microscopy4Kids
    A team of research scientists and educators who love microscopy and want to share their passion with kids and K-12 educators created this website: your gateway to learning about digital microscopy.
  2. The Teacher-Friendly Guides to the Earth Science of the United States
    Products of the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), The Teacher-Friendly Guides to the Earth Science of the United States provide regional background information for grade 6-9 earth science and social studies teachers to incorporate into existing curricula.
  3. Visual Math Learning
    A free interactive multimedia tutorial to reinforce and supplement K-8 math. The website offers lessons, exercises, and games.
  4. California Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum
    This is a free K-12 curriculum that provides 85 units of environment-based instruction aligned with Common Core standards in English language arts and science and history/social science literacy.
  5. Environmental Curriculum (Think Earth)
    This comprehensive, award-winning curriculum teaches students about the importance of a clean, healthy environment and about what they can do to: conserve natural resources; reduce waste; and minimize pollution.
  6. “Buy, Use, Toss?” (High School Curriculum)
    Ignite your students’ learning and inspire them to take action in their communities with these hands-on, standards-aligned global sustainability curricula.
  7. LEAF Curriculum
    This is a prolific set of resources for teaching K-12 learners the knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking necessary to sustain our forests and communities.
  8. Oregon Institute of Marine Biology K-6 Curriculum
    Help your K-6 learners become “ocean literate.” These resources are your connection to ocean education: photos, videos, tools, lessons, and career information.
  9. 4-H Robotics Curriculum
    National 4-H’s robotics curriculum The Junk Drawer Robotics Track has a downloadable facilitator’s guide, facilitator’s toolbox, and a list of activity supplies. The activities are suitable for students in fourth grade and beyond.
  10. 5 Gyres
    5 Gyres aims to highlight a problem created by making throw-away packaging out of a material designed to last forever. The website includes many brief videos. The homepage features a world map locating the five ocean concentrations of plastic debris.
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