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Educator Certification Shortage Areas for 2016-17

Duane, WallingfordIf you’re working under an endorsement that is considered a shortage area you may be eligible for benefits such as loan forgiveness and mortgage assistance.

Based on a survey done in the fall, the state Department of Education has now released the Certification Shortage Areas for 2016-17. Most of the shortage areas remain the same as they did in 2015-16, however, for the coming year, teaching English to speakers of other languages was not identified as a shortage area, while school psychologist was added to the list.

The designated shortage areas for 2016-17 are as follows:

  • Bilingual Education, PK-12;
  • Comprehensive Special Education, K-12;
  • Intermediate Administrator;
  • Mathematics, 7-12;
  • School Library and Media Specialist;
  • School Psychologist;
  • Science, 7-12;
  • Speech and Language Pathologist;
  • Technology Education, PK-12; and
  • World Languages, 7-12.

Read the complete data bulletin on teacher shortage areas from the state Department of Education.

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