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SAT Scores for Class of 2015 Released

SATs scores are down slightly this year in Connecticut, however the percentage of students taking the exam has increased, with 89.3 percent of students from the class of 2015 taking the SAT, compared to 88.4 percent of the class of 2014, and only 84 percent of the class of 2011.

The percentage of students taking the SAT will further increase in future years since the state has chosen to use the SAT as its mastery test for 11th graders and will pay for all students in the state to take the exam. Earlier this year the legislature approved and the governor signed a bill to eliminate SBAC testing for eleventh graders based on the recommendation of CEA and other education stakeholders.

Click here to see student SAT scores by district.

Starting in March 2016, the College Board will start administering a new version of the SAT with an optional essay, no guessing penalty, and a new approach to vocabulary.

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    …follow the poverty levels

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