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Parents’ Take on Technology in Schools

Children are spending more and more time on various digital devices to complete their schoolwork. What are parents’ reactions to this trend? A new study shows that, for the most part, parents see students’ use of technology for schoolwork as a good thing.

The Marketplace survey of parents with children in grades 3-12 found that more than 71 percent of parents say technology has improved the “overall quality of education.”

Despite being mostly positive about students’ use of technology, parents do have some worries. Seventy-nine percent of parents say they are somewhat to extremely concerned about the security and privacy of their child’s data.

In addition to parental attitudes, the study also explored students’ access to technology. Parents reported that 98 percent of children use technology, including smartphones, for their schoolwork, with 13 percent reporting that children exclusively use a school-owned rather than family-owned device.

Read the complete study here. Read more from Marketplace.

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