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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers impact more lives than they can possibly know. As a teacher your reach extends out through your students to the wider world for decades and decades to come.

CEA President Sheila Cohen said, “Teachers give so much all year long. You give to your students, your communities, your colleagues, and of course your own family and friends. That’s why educators are some of the most trusted people in our communities. You are creating your community’s future.”

Teachers deserve thanks every single day, but it’s fitting to have a special occasion when we can all turn and offer our gratitude to the teachers in our lives.

“You have a lot on your plate, and unfortunately educators often don’t receive the recognition they deserve,” Cohen said. “But please always remember you are appreciated. Despite the attacks on teachers and public education, know that there are many students, parents, community members, and teaching colleagues standing behind you who are very grateful for the work you do.”

Enjoy today and know that you make a difference every day.

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