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Connecticut Schools Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day offers a wide range of learning opportunities for the youngest preschoolers to high school seniors, and schools around Connecticut took advantage of those opportunities yesterday by getting involved in their communities and the natural environment.

Advanced Placement environmental science students at New Fairfield High School held an Earth Day Celebration for middle and high school students at the Hidden Valley Nature Lab. The Nature Lab is part of a preserve just down the street from the schools. The students were able to walk through 13 stations set up around the preserve by the environmental science students and learn about humans’ effect on the natural environment.

Elementary students in Hamden have also been learning about humans’ effect on the environment — and how the availability of natural resources affects humans.

Ridge Hill Elementary School students engaged in a month-long Clean Water Campaign, collecting over 13,000 empty cans and bottles. The students also learned about the importance of clean water and how to help people who live in areas that don’t have access to safe drinking water. The money earned from recycling the cans and bottles is being donated to an organization that funds clean water projects.

What did you do at your school to celebrate Earth Day?

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