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Yes, Union Decline Affects Everyone

labor unionIn today’s issue of The New York Times, columnist admits something too few are willing to say — “I was wrong,” he writes. Wrong, it turns out, about the importance of unions and the effect they have overall on the economy and the lives of the middle class.

Kristof says he used to be wary of unions, thinking they hampered economic growth. But after looking at study after study, he’s come to realize that the facts show the opposite: Unions have been an important force for economic growth and equality.

He writes,

Most studies suggest that about one-fifth of the increase in economic inequality in America among men in recent decades is the result of the decline in unions. It may be more: A study in the American Sociological Review, using the broadest methodology, estimates that the decline of unions may account for one-third of the rise of inequality among men.

Read the complete column here.

Here’s to more Americans coming to the same realization as Kristoff, and working to strengthen the labor movement so that more of us can have access to a living wage and a chance at the American dream.

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  1. My 1st. Position was within a setting that provided OT, PT and speech-language therapy. Nothing was put in writing, there was no contract. I was told I’d have 4 wks. vacation and perhaps it was 6 holidays in 1969. I had 3. I don’t recall sick days but I used 3. After 2 yrs. there, I knew when I went to one of the school districts I serviced as a speech-language pathologist that I would join the local, REA #13, CEA & NEA. NO more work without a contract. I looked for equity, a contract & representation.representation. It’s possible my father ‘s being a Teamster, working on loading docks and boxcars unloading for a moving & warehouse company influenced me too. His was a union shop. A friend of his was a steward.

    February 20, 2015

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