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Remembering Our Favorite Teachers

Photo by  Apfelherz via Flickr.

Photo by Apfelherz via Flickr.

Sometimes the many everyday responsibilities that come with being an educator can make for a tunnel-like focus on the long list of items that need to be done today. That’s why adults’ reminiscences about teachers who influenced their lives in profound ways can be such a great reminder about why we do what we do.

NPR recently invited listeners to contribute online their own tales of great teachers. They make for a very heartwarming read.

One woman named Sally remembered her high school French teacher who taught so much more than vocabulary and grammar.

Many years later, I remember best the mood he created in the classroom, a mood of yearning for the knowledge that will unlock doors to understanding and sharing, a sense that every homework assignment or new poem memorized could link us as human beings more deeply; I also remember most of my French.

Touched to the core by this teacher’s warm, kind, and deeply human example, I am now myself in my third year of Peace Corps service in Ethiopia.

Read more from NPR here and here.

Was there one special teacher who inspired you to become an educator? Share your story in the comments.

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  1. Mr. Bowen didn’t inspire me to become a speech-language pathologist in a public school district but did even more. He’d say, Karen Ost-a-by, smart! He gave me self-worth and confidence. Years later in the middle of my 37 yr. Career, his words rang in my head. I didn’t know who or why, then I remembered physics & chemistry. Before Internet searches, I tracked him down, wrote to him, gave my phone & he called. It was a wonderful moment. He remembered me and others inmy class of 84. Some didn’t appreciate him but I did. I also recalled the Saturdays he gave up for at least 3 field trips in the early ’60s.he was special, kind & encouraging.

    February 18, 2015

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