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Tell Congress to Get NCLB Re-Write Right

NCLB ESEA rewriteCongress is working on a re-write to No Child Left Behind (NCLB) — the current iteration of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Educators know firsthand how important it is that a new version of the law allows students to learn rather than focus on high-stakes standardized tests.

This is an important moment for American education. As educators we must make sure Congress gets new legislation right.

  1. Sign an NEA petition to share a new vision for public education and show Congress that educators and voters are paying attention.
  2. Contact your members of Congress and tell them that ESEA must promote opportunity for all and time to learn. Call 866-331-7233 or email your representatives and ask them to focus on three core goals.
  • Create a new generation accountability system that includes an “opportunity dashboard” to ensure all students receive a quality education.
  • Reduce the amount of mandated standardized testing, and allow more time for students to learn and more time for teachers to teach.
  • Ensure every student has a qualified educator who is empowered to lead.
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