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Connecticut Legislators Back at the Capitol Tomorrow

Connecticut State Capitol BuildingConnecticut’s elected officials drive what happens in your classroom and have a direct impact on teaching and learning through the laws they create. Tomorrow these lawmakers are coming back to Hartford for another round of policymaking with the start of the 2015 legislative session.

New legislation will be created, debated, and voted on over the next five months. BlogCEA will keep you informed about education decisions that affect you and your students — and let you know how you can get involved and make your voice heard. Subscribe here to receive blog posts via email.

CEA members and staff play an active role in advocating for legislation that enhances teaching and learning. This fall a commission of CEA members developed a draft Legislative Agenda for the organization that was then adopted by the CEA Board of Directors.

The 2015 CEA Legislative Agenda underscores the fact that teachers are the real experts when it comes to student learning and success, and is comprehensive in addressing member concerns, such as:

  • ensuring adequate state appropriations for our pensions and health insurance fund
  • providing financial resources for students and professional support for teachers
  • monitoring and addressing the overreliance on standardized assessments
  • ensuring age- and grade-appropriate student standards
  • fixing myriad technical statutory issues that would revise education reform mandates from past legislative sessions
  • empowering educators through the creation of a Teacher Professional Standards Board to provide oversight for teacher standards, certification, and more.

CEA members and staff will use the Legislative Agenda as a blueprint when they advocate for students and teachers, communicate with lawmakers, testify at public hearings, and make sure teachers’ voices are heard at the Capitol.

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