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Safe and Happy Holidays from CEA

The holiday break is here, and we hope you have a chance to recharge your batteries with some well-deserved vacation time. We here at BlogCEA will also be taking a break until early January.

When you’re gathered with family and friends over the holidays, there’s rarely a shortage of cakes, cookies, and chocolates being passed around — unfortunately new research is showing just how dangerous too much sugar is to our health. In a recent New York Times Op-Ed, medical researchers write,

In a recent study, we showed that sugar, perhaps more than salt, contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Evidence is growing, too, that eating too much sugar can lead to fatty liver disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and kidney disease.

Not exactly what we want to hear at this time of year, but maybe consider bringing a fruit salad or vegetable sticks to your next holiday party.

Whether you pick the healthy snacks or choose to indulge, have a safe and happy holiday from all of us at CEA.

  1. lstableford #

    And to you folks at the CEA, a very merry holiday season. Plus, great expectations for a terrific new year! Keep on doing your fantastic work on behalf of all of Connecticut’s teachers.

    December 23, 2014
    • Thanks, Lloyd. Happy holidays to you!

      December 23, 2014

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