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CEA Student Program Members Want Degrees Not Debt

CEA Student Program members want degrees not debt.

CEA Student Program members want degrees not debt.

The Hartford Courant today reports that Connecticut ranks sixth in the nation for the average amount of debt that students carry, and education students are among those suffering under this excessive burden.

The facts are staggering: Americans currently owe $1.2 trillion in student debt; seven in 10 college seniors who graduated last year had student loan debt. Here in Connecticut, the average student graduates with $30,191 in student debt.

Without a solution to this debt crisis prospective educators will walk away from the classroom because they are too intimidated by the high cost of a higher education, and current educators will be lured to higher paying jobs in order to make their loan payments.

NEA’s Degrees Not Debt campaign, is calling on lawmakers to find solutions to the student loan debt crisis our country faces. Those solutions include income-driven loan repayment programs, as well as loan-forgiveness programs for educators.

Future educators are prepared to give their all in the classroom, but they are overwhelmed by the amount of debt they’re facing. Watch CEA Student Program members tell their stories below.

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