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Facts and Information for Educators About Ebola

As we continue to hear the recent news about Ebola — a third case in Texas and the continuation of the outbreak in West Africa — we all are becoming increasingly concerned. And, as the situation continues to unfold, educators have many questions about their own safety and that of their students. The CDC and other groups have produced some excellent resources that help explain how the disease is spread, what the symptoms are, and the steps educators should take in the event of a suspected case in their schools.

The NEA Health Information Network (HIN) has gathered the following resources from healthcare officials to ensure that educators are well-informed about Ebola:

Fortunately, the risk of Ebola infection in the U.S. is still low. As the go-to source for NEA members about health and safety issues, NEA HIN will continue to monitor the situation and provide timely updates as well as relevant information for educators.

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