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Words to live by

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Berlin High School English teacher Christine Briganti prepared her new classroom for students.

Berlin high school students are being greeted by their teachers in new classrooms today, part of the high school’s $70 million, multi-year renovation.

Teachers, including Christine Briganti, have been working for the past week to prepare their classrooms for students.

Briganti, a second year English teacher, said she’s very excited about the new classrooms. “After undergoing a year of renovation, the new English wing is complete and gorgeous,” she said.

Briganti shared this advice to teachers entering the classroom for the first time:

“As a first year teacher, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the newness of everything going on around you. Although it’s important to expect the unexpected, also remember to take chances and have fun—that will result in the best learning for your students and yourself.”

How’s that for some words to live by.

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