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Top 10 list: How to make this your best year yet

Most Connecticut students and teachers will be back in the classroom in the next few days. As you prepare for another school year, check out these tips from educators—from managing your time to reducing stress—on how to make the 2014-2015 school year your best yet.

top-10-listHere’s the top 10 list.

1- Find more time
2- Build better lessons
3- Create calm in your classroom
4- Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate
5- Stress less
6- Toot your own horn
7- Educate the whole child
8- Stay on top of tech
9- Advocate for public education
10- Become a lifelong learner

Teachers from across the country share their secrets, tips, and strategies in more detail in the NEA Today story, Make This Your Best Year Yet!

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