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National Healthy Schools Day

Photo by Ctd 2005 via Flickr.

Photo by Ctd 2005 via Flickr.

Children’s health and safety while at school is the primary concern of all educators, but sometimes we don’t realize all that a safe school climate includes. The indoor air and environmental quality of a school can have a big effect on students and educators and today, National Healthy Schools Day, is a great day to begin taking action to improve the environment at your school.

Research shows that the environment of a school is directly related to rates of asthma and other respiratory conditions. Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) has important positive effects on school attendance, student and teacher health, and productivity, according to studies.

Many IAQ problems can be prevented and sometimes remedied by the school community. Below is a list of resources for getting started with making a difference at your school.

Amity Regional School District #5 is one Connecticut district that has worked hard to improve IAQ in its schools and experienced success. Today the Connecticut Department of Public Health is visiting the district to showcase its efforts. Students will lead tours, the Department will present awards to the school community, and health and school officials will highlight how school environments play an important role in the health and academic success of children.

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