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Details of New Teacher Evaluation Flexibility Options Available to Districts

New flexibility options for districts implementing the teacher evaluation system have been approved by the State Board of Education, and the State Department of Education (SDE) has now issued guidance to superintendents for implementing the new flexibility. The SDE sent details on the new flexibility options to superintendents Monday.

The SDE expects each district’s Professional Development and Evaluation (PDE) Committee to convene to consider the flexibility options. Some districts’ PDE committees may choose to select all areas of possible flexibility, and some may choose to delay making changes until next year. Flexibility requests for this year must by submitted to the SDE by March 30, 2014. A separate district plan will be required for 2014-15 regardless of whether or not a flexibility request is made for this year.

The documents sent to superintendents are as follows.

Click here for a recorded CEA presentation to learn more about the options and see sample questions your PDE committee should discuss before making decisions and recommendations for changes. For further support, contact your CEA UniServ Representative.

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  1. Martin Walsh #

    Do not be fooled by this election year ploy. The real way to true flexibility is to give the governor the boot in November. CEA has been negotiating for seven months and this is all we have to show for it??? Pryor is still there, no apologies from Malloy…all the pieces are still in place for four more years of misery if he wins. And to top it off CEA’s stupid “Rise” ad is playing as I write.
    CEA…will you fight or continue to capitulate?

    February 13, 2014

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