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With New Board of Education, Bridgeport Community Looks Toward Positive Change

BEA RallyBridgeport educators, parents, and community members showed their optimism about the possibility for change in their district by rallying last night before the first meeting of Bridgeport’s new Board of Education.

Addressing the Board, Gary Peluchette, president of the Bridgeport Education Association, said that teachers look forward to working with the new Board and creating sustainable, positive change for the district.

The educators and community members also called for the board to reinstate two Parent Center positions that the district had previously eliminated. Peluchette told the Board, “As teachers, we know that parental engagement is vital to ensuring a student’s success in the classroom. Learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. Parents are our partners in making sure every child in Bridgeport receives a quality education.”

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