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State Supreme Court Will Hear Education Funding Case

Yesterday, in another major win for Connecticut school children, a Connecticut trial court rejected the State of Connecticut’s attempt to dismiss a major school funding case. The case, Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF) v. Rell, was brought nine years ago to claim that the state’s system of funding education is inadequate, unequal, and therefore unconstitutional.

The lawsuit, which seeks to increase state funding to school districts, is a recognition that teachers are being asked to do more with less.  CCJEF v. Rell seeks to ensure that the state provides its fair share of funding at a time when schools and educators are being held increasingly accountable for the performance of students, many of whom face the great socioeconomic challenges.

In a preliminary ruling in 2010, the State Supreme Court established that Connecticut’s Constitution guarantees public school students an adequate education.  CCJEF v. Rell is set to be heard by the State Supreme Court this summer to determine the state’s fiscal responsibility for ensuring that the state abides by this constitutional guarantee to its citizens.

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