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Film Shines Light on Realities Teachers Face Every Day

Go PublicMany adults well remember their own years at school, but a lot has changed in the years since most of us left the classroom. What does public education look like from the inside, today?

That’s the question a new film, “Go Public,” sets out to answer. The film follows fifty members of the Pasadena Unified School District community over the course of a school day, showing what it’s like to be a student, parent, teacher, custodian, security guard, or principal in an American public school district on a typical day.

Pasadena is a racially and economically diverse community in Southern California with 28 public school campuses. The film shines a light on the dedicated professionals working in the district, as well the opportunities and complexities of public education today.

Before being made into a feature-length film, all 50 of the individual stories that make up the video were made available for viewing online. You can watch the video clips here.

To host a screening, click here.

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