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Public Education Supporters Win in Bridgeport

In yesterday’s Bridgeport Board of Education election, we could not be prouder of the many teachers who contributed their hands and hearts in electing pro-education candidates. These candidates took on the political establishment, and they won convincingly.

A committed, community-based coalition undertook a groundbreaking effort because Bridgeport has become a hub of the national corporate education reform movement—shutting out respect and regard for community input. The Bridgeport election illustrates that community coalition-building—with teachers as key facilitators—offers a brighter future.

Grassroots teachers’ community organizing in Bridgeport brought parents, students, teachers, and community leaders together. Working side by side, community members and teachers engaged in discussions that centered on solutions, including looking at community schools as a model for strengthening safety nets and decreasing dropout rates.

This election signifies the potential for lasting change. CEA and the Bridgeport Education Association have established a sustainable community presence in the city as we continue to build relationships and advocate for children both inside and outside the classroom.

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