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Members of CEA Retired Encouraged to Support Their Younger Colleagues

CEA Vice President Jeff Leake.

CEA Vice President Jeff Leake.

Never have teachers been required to deal with so much change simultaneously—from new teacher evaluation to Common Core State Standards—but they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that retired teachers have their backs.

That was the message from CEA Vice President Jeff Leake to more than 200 retired teachers at the September CEA Retired Fall Meeting at the Aqua Turf today.

Leake said, “We rely on you so much, and we need your activism to advocate for public education.”

CEA Retired President Gloria Brown

CEA Retired President Gloria Brown.

Just back from a regional organizing conference in Quincy, Mass., Leake urged retirees to bring their communities together to support high-quality schools.

“Let’s commit to re-engaging and organizing our communities,” he told the audience.

CEA Retired President Gloria Brown said the retirees have been actively recruiting members and have seen record growth in the past year—more than 300 new members have joined CEA Retired.

CEA Retired Annual Meeting“Even though we are no longer in the classroom, we, of course, care about children and our colleagues. It’s in our hearts and blood, and as retired teachers we have unique opportunities to help improve public education in Connecticut,” said Brown.

Brown urged all members to stay active and involved by attending meetings, contacting legislators, and staying informed on the issues by reading the CEA Advisor, visiting the CEA Retired website, and attending meetings. A series of Retired County Meetings is scheduled this fall, and dates are posted online. The CEA Retired Annual Spring Meeting is scheduled for May 21, 2014, at the Aqua Turf.

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