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CT High School Graduation Rates Climbing

New figures show good news for Connecticut when it comes to the number of students graduating high school. 84.8% of the class of 2012  graduated in four years, an increase of 2.1 percentage points over 2011.

Read more from the Connecticut Post.

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  1. Jack #

    Sleepless in Bridgeport says this is why on the Pelto blog:

    read that Danny Boy and Pryor (The Lone Ranger and Tonto) in search of anything good having happened in education during their reign were bragging about the increase in the graduation rates. Well here is how they performed that miracle at Harding and Bassick. They systematically pulled out the likely failures and put them into Apex after school. ($ to Bill Gates for the purchase of same) There they could take the English 9, 10, and 11, Math Science in a week or two and “praise the Lord and thenk you HOly Moly” a high school diploma is waiting and graduation rates are up. They can’t just give gift grades out because they have already exhausted that strategy over the past 5 years. Why do they do this? because they are pressured into doing it by Vallas team of imports. Next you will hear that in Bridgeport there was a dramatic reduction of suspensions of minority students. That miracle was a result of orders from on high to each school not to suspend anyone unless they commit a capital offense. So “scholars” who tell their teacher to f__k off when they are asked to put away their cell phones are not disciplined in any way shape or form. Vallas in front of a teacher’s meeting when asked why the school could not get more agressive in dealing with student electronic issues after dancing around the question three times and coming very close to castigating the teacher who asked it said: “The cell phone and other devices are the learning tools of the future and the schools would be doing the kids a disfavor by denying them the use of same”. Since he never taught or cares it doesn’t matter to him that these devices are only used to text, listen to rap, play games…..anything but work. As far as the parents and concerned community is concerned the BOE mission statement should be “Keep S__t Quiet”. Please Malloy, Pryor, Vallas……take your snake oil to another planet.

    August 15, 2013

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