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Do You Have Time for Collaboration?

Do educators have enough time to collaborate and exchange ideas with their colleagues? In an opinion piece for Education Week, teacher Hillary Greene says, “no.”

The greatest disappointment for me as a teacher has been how little intellectual exchange there is among educators. On the way to a staff meeting, I still catch myself running through my dream agenda: First, we’ll reflect on the prevalence of ADHD and the implications for us, after which we’ll all step back and think about whether more—not fewer—music classes could improve our math scores and students’ experiences. Then we’ll think about the rapidly growing use of iPads in the classroom and what that might mean for instruction. Instead, in reality, I quietly enter the meeting room, sip my tea, and chime in when I must because perhaps my professional opinion matters on where recycling bins could be stored or maybe the department head just got to my students on her list of numbers—that is, students—not meeting assessment proficiency.

Read her complete piece, The Coffee Crisis in Schools: Do Teachers Have to Feel So Alone?

Do you share her perspective or have you seen things changing?

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