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Your Retiree Health Insurance Threatened: Call Now

Retiree Health InsuranceThe governor’s proposed budget completely eliminates the state’s contribution to the retired teachers’ health insurance fund for the next two years.  This puts your retired health insurance fund in serious jeopardy.

The governor and your legislators need to hear from you now. Tell them to protect the solvency of the fund.

Call Governor Malloy

Call the governor at 1-800-406-1527 and ask him to restore the state’s funding to the retired teachers’ health insurance fund.

Call your State Representative and State Senator

Ask them to ensure that the budget restores the state’s funding to the retired teachers’ health insurance fund. Click here to look up your state legislator.

  • House Democrats: 1-800-842-1902
  • House Republicans: 1-800-842-1423
  • Senate Democrats: 1-800-842-1420
  • Senate Republicans:1-800-842-1421

Here are some basic facts about the governor’s proposals:

  • The law requires the state to pay one-third of the medical costs for retirees. The governor’s budget proposal overrides this law and eliminates the state’s contribution to the health fund for two years, shortchanging the fund by over $70 million.
  • The reduction in the state’s contribution to the health fund will negatively affect its long-term solvency. Active and retired teachers have been paying into the health fund with the understanding that it will be there for them when they retire.
  • Active teachers make the largest contribution to the retired teachers’ health insurance fund — contributing 1.25% of salary annually. In 2012-13, contributions from active teachers of over $45 million will be deposited into the health fund.
  • The state should honor its obligation – active and retired teachers have always dutifully made their required health insurance contribution.
  • Retired teachers participating in the State Teachers’ Retirement Board’s Medicare supplement plan also contribute a premium share to the Fund. In 2012-13, retirees’ contributions will amount to almost $38 million.
  • Retired teachers and spouses under age 65 and over-65 retirees who are not Medicare eligible obtain insurance through last employing board of education. They typically pay full cost of insurance, minus a $110 per month subsidy paid from the health fund. Monthly costs currently range from around $400 to over $900 per person, depending on local plans.

Please call today.

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