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Stopping Cyberbullying

What are your students saying to each other online? Teachers, administrators, and parents are working hard to combat bullying and improve school climate, but it can be hard to know what to do about cyberbullying.

An article in the March issue of The Atlantic tells the story of an anonymous Facebook page that a Middletown middle school student used to taunt classmates, end friendships, and start fistfights. The article offers an informative look into the realities of cyberbullying and different solutions for fighting it.
The Atlantic - Cyberbullying

Resources for Parents

Many parents aren’t aware of what their children might be facing on social media sites. If you’re looking to share information with parents, the site has handouts and articles in English and Spanish that you can use at back-to-school nights, in mailings, or post to a website.

Have you seen students in your school affected by cyberbullying?

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