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School Cafeteria Safety a Concern?

How safe is the food at your school’s cafeteria? The Danbury News Times reports that

Districts across Fairfield County — from Stamford to Shelton, Bridgeport to Bethel and everywhere between — have been cited for numerous health-code violations inside school cafeterias.

Even well-to-do Greenwich had black marks on its record. And several schools have flunked repeated inspections, while others have passed even after inspectors found mouse droppings or cockroaches in the kitchens.

A Hearst Connecticut Newspapers analysis of 2,248 inspections of public school cafeterias performed throughout the county from July 1, 2007, to June 30, 2012, found that health inspectors failed cafeterias a total of 199 times for a variety of violations, ranging from hazardous food-storage practices to dirty facilities and sick cafeteria workers.

What do you think? Is this investigation into school cafeteria health and safety on target?

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