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Teachers Excited About More Time With Students

Schools in East Hartford, Meriden, and New London will have a longer school day and/or year, thanks to a new national initiative. You can read more about the initiative from the Hartford Courant here.

“CEA leaders have met with the National Center on Time and Learning about the new program,” said CEA President Sheila Cohen. “The Center’s commitment to collaborating with teachers makes this an exciting initiative. It indicates a real willingness to hear teachers’ ideas about how to use more time effectively and make sure the program is sustainable.”

Cohen continued, “We hope this will start a trend and that other organizations will look to teachers, and the success of collaboration, and include teachers in reforming public education.”

Jennifer Davis, co-founder and president of the National Center on Time and Learning, is quoted in the press release about the initiate as saying, “With more time in the school calendar, schools can offer a well-rounded curriculum, more individualized support for students, and more time for teachers to hone their craft.”

An overview of the initiative explains that participating schools will not just increase learning time.

Educators at these schools also will rethink their school day to ensure all time is used well. Specifically, participating schools will:

  • Plan for the re-designed schedule over the course of one year with an inclusive process that solicits feedback from administrators, teachers, community members, union officials, and parents
  • Set new, measurable school-wide goals for success
  • Provide a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum for all students, along with individualized help for students who are struggling
  • Use data to inform and improve instruction
  • Expand the time available for teachers to collaborate to strengthen instruction
  • Provide enrichment opportunities in the arts and other areas that are hands-on and engage students in learning
  • Promote a school-wide culture of high expectations
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