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Teachers of the Year on Why Recognition Matters

This weekend over 100 teachers around Connecticut will be talking about an inspiring ceremony that honored them for their commitment to their students and school communities. At last night’s ceremony at the Bushnell, some of the state’s Teachers of the Year shared why they think it’s important to recognize great teaching.

Connecticut's 2013 Teachers of the Year

John Mason, Avon Teacher of the Year

The individual recognition is nice, but it’s the process that really makes me value the Teacher of the Year program. As a school community, we get the chance to step back and really reflect on what’s most important in teaching and what we value as teachers.

This isn’t a best teacher award as much as it is identifying someone who can represent the good things that are happening in teaching and learning today.

Jonathan Budd, Region 9 Teacher of the Year

Teaching is a profession that is undergoing a lot of complex change. We know that there are hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of really outstanding teachers in this state. Focusing on them as individuals really gives the public an opportunity to see what the teaching profession is like and the excellent work that goes on every day in our public schools.

Kathleen Boland, Trumbull Teacher of the Year

Teachers do so much on a daily basis with the children whom we teach, but sometimes we’re shy about being recognized. It’s nice to have that acknowledgement every once in a while though. That’s because we sometimes don’t see the results of our work until years down the road.

Justin Mirante, Southington Teacher of the Year

I think it’s important for educators to be recognized publicly because there’s often a negative portrayal of teachers in the media. Really there are a lot of great things happening in the classroom, and there are many wonderful teachers out there who make a difference. Occasions like this ceremony get that out into the public eye and recognize teachers’ accomplishments.

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