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NEA Member Benefits Offers Hurricane Sandy Relief

The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy continues to affect communities in Connecticut and around the northeast, including thousands of NEA members and their families.

NEA Member Benefits (NEA MB) and its program partners are concerned about members’ well-being and want to help by providing customized assistance and accommodations during Hurricane Sandy recovery. Following is a list of contacts for NEA MB program providers:

  • NEA Members Insurance Trust® Programs:  Accommodations for eligible members in making insurance premium payments. Please call the NEA Members Insurance Trust toll-free at 1-855-632-5433 or 1-855-NEA-LIFE.
  • NEA® Auto & Home Insurance Program—California Casualty:  Assistance available 24 hours a day at 1-800-800-9410.  Learn more at the catastrophe center.
  • NEA Home Financing Program®—Wells Fargo Home Mortgage:  Please call 1-800-632-4968.
  • NEA Credit Card Program® and NEA Personal Loan® Program—Bank of America:  Assistance with loans and payments. Please call the dedicated Hurricane Sandy assistance line at 1-855-729-1764.
  • NEA Income Protection® Plan—American Fidelity Assurance Company:  Please call 1-888-461-1612.
  • NEA Valuebuilder®—Security Benefit:  Please call 1-800-632-8258.
  • NEA®Smart Option Student Loan® by Sallie Mae®Please call 1-866-439-0993.

For updated information on NEA MB’s Hurricane Sandy relief assistance, members may visit or call the NEA Member Service Center toll-free at 1-800-637-4636.

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