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Only Two Days Before Education Committee Votes

Region 13 teachers traveled to Hartford today to meet with their legislators. From left to right are Melissa Frey, Megan Kavanaugh, Doug Frasier, Candace Brickley, Donna Mattei, and Rebecca Suchy.

There are only two days left before the Education Committee is scheduled to act on the Governor’s Education Bill #24. Teachers traveled to Hartford today to meet with their legislators and many more are calling and emailing lawmakers.

Please join them and take a moment this weekend to contact your state legislators. Urge them to eliminate proposals in the bill that would weaken high-quality education for our students.

Ask them to fix elements of the Governor’s Bill that would

  • weaken collective bargaining;
  • tie a teacher’s license to a supervisor’s evaluation;
  • shift new funding away from local public schools unfairly; and
  • impose experimental programs that have not been proven to work.

If your legislators are not members of the Education Committee, urge them to discuss your concerns with Education Committee members.

Contact your state senator and state representative.

Senate Democrats 1-800-842-1420                        Senate Republicans 1-800-842-1421
House Democrats 1-800-842-1902                        House Republicans 1-800-842-1423

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