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Teachers Not Alone in Trying to Shape Education Reform Legislation

Business-backed groups, charters, and other privately funded organizations are lobbying legislators aggressively to act on their behalf, and pass the Governor’s Education Bill #24.

Yesterday, some members of these groups appeared on WNPR’s radio program Where We Live—insisting that legislators proceed with the governor’s proposal to tie teacher evaluation to certification, and salary schedules.

During the hour-long program, host John Dankosky asked about tenure and if they would support the bill without it.

Patrick Riccards, CEO of ConnCAN, said, “I think it would be disappointing if we are not addressing tenure quite honestly. People don’t appreciate how difficult it is for Gov. Malloy to have brought this package forward…this addresses all of the issues that we need in terms of organization and structure in our schools.”

When asked by Dankosky if pulling the bill apart would make sense, Ramani Ayer, former CEO of the Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., and a member of the Connecticut Council on Education Reform, “It would be a major setback if we lose tenure—because that introduces rigidity in a system where you cannot remove ineffective teachers expeditiously.”

(Click here to listen to the entire WNPR Where We Live radio interview.)

Riccards, Ayer and others pushing the Governor’s Education Bill #24 do not work as teachers, and don’t know what goes on in today’s classrooms—but you do. We urge you to pick up the phone and tell your legislators how to reform education the right way.

Time is running out with the Education Committee scheduled to finalize an education reform bill this Monday.

Please step up your efforts to contact your legislators today.

Senate Democrats 1-800-842-1420               Senate Republicans  1-800-842-1421
House Democrats 1-800-842-1902                House Republicans  1-800-842-1423

Teachers need to be persistent and unwavering in our commitment to ensure education reform gets done right.

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