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Much to Be Proud of as Teachers Head Back to School

Children getting on a school busAs you head back to school this week and next, please keep in mind all of the great things you and your colleagues accomplish every day.

Connecticut’s achievement gap is a serious issue, but focusing exclusively on the gap ignores all of the growth and successes happening in our public schools.

CMT data shows that, statewide, two out of three students score at goal and four out of five score at proficient.  All students have made steady gains over time, with African-American, Hispanic, and low-income students making some of the biggest gains and making a real impact on narrowing the achievement gap.  You and your students are working hard and it shows.

CMT math scores for all grades show that Connecticut students scoring at proficient increased from 79% to 86% overall. In reading, Connecticut students in all grades scoring at proficient increased from 74% to 80% overall.

On the CAPT, 80% to 89% of Connecticut grade 10 stu­dents are at or above proficient in 2010. Among Connecticut African-American, Hispanic, and low-income students, performance growth is three times greater than statewide growth in math and twice as great for reading and writing, trimming the size of the achievement gap.

Test scores have their uses, but the most important successes are the ones you witness when a child’s eyes light up and they “get it.”  What has been going well in your classroom? Please share your and your students’ successes and your hopes for the year to come in the comments.  Best wishes for a great year!

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