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Governor Challenges Superintendents at Back-to-School Gathering

Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s speech today to school superintendents is a clarion call to embrace change, especially in the 20 to 30 school districts where the governor says students are being left behind.

The governor is challenging educators “to not tolerate that which they can change.”  His own intolerance already has him outlining change for the State Department of Education.

The governor says that policymakers and educators “need to leave their assumptions at the door.”  He said he met recently with the head of the CT Manufacturers Association, who told him there are 1,000 openings in manufacturing, but no skilled workers to fill the jobs.  Governor Malloy says that’s one of the reasons education attainment must be improved because a world-class workforce is the key to the state’s economic future.

Governor Malloy plans to make this “the year of education” at the state legislature.  As we reported at BlogCEA earlier this month, his plans include a better defined teacher evaluation system.  He wants strong teacher professional development and opportunities for teachers to refine their skills to provide the best student instruction possible.

Malloy’s remarks were made at Acting State Commissioner of Education George Coleman’s “back to school” meeting.  It’s an annual event that no governor in memory has appeared at to challenge educators.  Coleman is retiring, and the governor praised his contributions as a public servant.  There was thunderous applause from the superintendents group as a sign of thanks to Commissioner Coleman.

Coleman praises teachers, saying “we have great teachers working hard.”  That sentiment is echoed by Governor Malloy.

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