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Give a Child a Helping Hand: Register for the Hands Across the Green Golf Tournament

CEA members enjoy a bright, sunny day at the 2010 Hands Across the Green Golf Tournament.

What are you doing July 11? If you’re a golfer and you’re not yet signed up for the Connecticut Education Foundation’s (CEF) Hands Across the Green Golf Tournament, register today.  The golf tournament is the primary fund-raising event for the CEF Children’s Fund, which supports children experiencing extraordinary hardships.

The Hands Across the Green Tournament takes place at Glastonbury Hills Country Club. Space is still available for morning play, and local associations are encouraged to sponsor a hole for the tournament. The cost of the sponsorship is $100.  The tournament brochure and sponsor form can be found here.

Sheila Cohen, CEA vice president and president of the CEF, says, “Our golf tournaments have raised over $450,000 and the CEF has distributed that money to assist over 2,100 public school students. The Fund is a vital resource for teachers looking to help students most in need.”

She continues, “During 2010-11 for example, the Fund provided teachers with grants to purchase such items as medicine, medical supplies, eyeglasses, special transportation, clothing, school supplies, and hearing aids for children. Unfortunately, there were many home fires this year, and the Fund was able to provide immediate resources to those affected children. Grants from the Fund are sent directly to teachers so they can use the money to help lessen the effects of some adverse, and often heartbreaking, personal circumstances experienced by students and their families.”

Bernie Schreiber, a retired Ashford teacher, has been involved with the tournament since its beginning.  He enjoys the tournament and has a great time every year. “The biggest factor is the good it does for needy children,” he says.  “It’s worth every penny. Kids who can’t get assistance from other sources get help from The Children’s Fund.”

Schreiber has seen how the fund benefits children firsthand. When he taught in Ashford a family there lost their home in a fire, and the children were able to receive assistance from The Children’s Fund.

If you have questions about the tournament, or if you are not a golfer but would like to support the Fund, contact Mary Behrens at

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